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MBN Academy is a network of highly trained and skilled blockchain developers. With a curation/training process lasting for 3 months, we only work with professionals.


Our developer network

Assembling a blockchain team is a difficult task for any business. Finding and selecting talent in this field is tedious and time-consuming.

To tackle this challenge, we assembled a team of teachers and curators composed of experts in the field, having vast experience and live products/businesses in the field. Our blockchain developers are trained and curated in a three-month process. Less than 5% of candidates successfully enrol in our developer network.

Our Mission

Building your blockchain team with the most suitable developers.

Our Core Values

Reliability, Integrity and Professionalism.

Build your amazing on-demand blockchain squad.

Hire instantly

Our core business is training and curating developers. We enrol hundreds of developers in a training session. Only a handful of them go on to perform within our developer network. It goes without saying that getting a developer that fits your needs is a walk in the park at this point.


We have dedicated a part of the process to assessing the level of professionalism and training our developers to act with integrity, mindfulness, and respect.

Scale up or down with ease

No strings attached. A project’s needs vary over time. Scaling up or down was never easier. More often than not, there will be a specialist available to scale your team, or a client prepared to engage with a developer your project no longer needs. There’s no drama, only efficiency, and a get-things-done mentality.

Internal team, not outsourcing

By hiring from our network, you take a step forward towards having your own developer squad. We train our developers to easily integrate into teams, communicate, be friendly and never neglect soft skills. Moreover, the developers are 100% available to work as part of your team indefinitely. If/When needed, we also actively engage in maintaining a fruitful relationship between parties.

Our process

We make your cost control stress-free.


Candidates apply to our academy

We only accept already seasoned developers, with different levels of blockchain experience.
As a first action, we want everyone to be actively engaged in our network. The community we form is meant to be a helping hand in the training process and day-by-day work.



For the following ten weeks, we hold training sessions with our teachers. Each session covers a popular domain in the crypto-world, such as PoW (proof of work), PoS (proof of stake), variations of validation algorithms, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and more.


Assignments and Curation

We implement a Squid Game model. After each training session, our candidates are given an assignment. Each assignment is verified by one of our teachers and discussed with the candidate. Following the assignment, we curate the candidates that will join the next round.


Integrity, Professionalism and Soft Skills

The final curation is done based on Integrity, Professionalism, and Soft Skills. We believe that talent alone, without the above qualities, isn’t enough for our clients, which top the blockchain industry.

Standalone Projects

Not all projects and ventures need a full-time expert when it comes to blockchain engineering and smart contract development. We have experts ready to tackle single-project requests and deliver with care and haste. If you find yourself in a position where you need a single project done by a professional team, know that we can come to your aid. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can do for our clients as a one-time job:

  • tokens
  • vesting contracts
  • staking
  • lending / borrowing
  • NFT collections
  • Automated Market Makers
  • etc.
  • DeFi ecosystems
  • NFT games
  • DEX ecosystems
  • etc.

bottom-up implementations of different tailor-made web3 platforms or ecosystems

Developers' incentive

We are aware of the tough and lengthy process they have to go through. However, the are a handful of advantages that any good developer gets from joining our academy:

  • Free top-notch blockchain training
    You learn from the best. Even if you are not selected to work with our client network, you can attend all training sessions until the end and elevate your blockchain knowledge.
  • Jobs that are worth your time
    If you become part of our developer network, you work for top companies in the blockchain industry.
  • Community integration
    You become part of a network of highly skilled developers with similar mindsets and objectives.
  • A helping hand
    We work closely with our developers. We understand their needs, their objectives, and their mindset. We don’t just find a job for you. We find a job in which you fit with like-minded teams. We also mediate the relationship with your employee and make sure that both parties are in a flourishing partnership.


Our curation and training path


  • Blockchain • More than a buzzword
  • Ethereum, EVM-compatible blockchains
  • First contract deploy
  • @openzeppelin, hardhat
  • Blockchain as a client
  • Understanding the huge centralised component of Blockchain

DeFi • AMM, Staking & More

  • Swap instead of Order Book • Understanding AMM
  • Impermanent loss and other drawbacks of AMM models
  • Practical swap • Build a Uniswap Router
  • Staking • from classic APR to advanced reward claiming optimizations

Security traps and how to avoid them

  • Common mistakes in Solidity
  • Common best practices in Solidity
  • Missing features in Solidity & Blockchain, and how to overcome them

NFT World • Infra & Community

  • Mint/Reveal lifecycle
  • Assets storage architecture
  • Deep dive into minting options • preminted, instant reveal & ECDSA key
  • Community • avoiding scams when flipping
  • Hunting alphas • how should a good community look like?
  • Specific Case Study • Wolf Game

Higher end platforms • Blockchain integrations

  • Signature-JWT exchange in web applications
  • Functional NFT • Ownership proofs for Software Licensing
  • Adjacent web technology working in conjunction with Blockchain technologies
  • Specific Case Study • Metascraper

Semi-DApp & Layer 2 Multi-Chain Software Architecture

  • Bringing high performance into blockchain applications • Semi-DApps
  • Binding multiple EVM blockchains to a semi-dapp
  • Bridging tokens
  • Centralised agents in decentralised ecosystems
  • Debate • how to achieve trust in centralised agents?

Meet the Team

Our teachers

Our teachers are all active or ex-blockchain developers. Involved in crypto-space for more than 5 years. They either coordinate global blockchain projects or actively manage their own blockchain businesses and teams.

Ionut Daniel Dobos

Vlad Sas

Rares Codrin

Alexandru Bujor

Teams we built and careers we boosted


Completed Projects


Revenue Growth


Customer Satisfaction

“The MBN Academy has helped me reach the next step in my Web Development career. They guided me through every step of integrating my prior knowledge with the world of crypto through Web3 technologies and I can confidently say that I'm a full time DApp developer now.”

Stefan Manciu

Keyko Team

“Working with MBN Tech is a completely different experience than your usual 9 to 5 job. I've been able to work and travel simultaneously, feeling that my and our clients flourish as a team. The academy and training they provided were invaluable, aiding me to work with professional and innovation-driven teams. I feel like I fit here. For me, MbnTech is a hub of likeminded individuals striving to build products that make a difference and enjoy the process.”

Alexandru Constantin

Hyve Team

“Working with programmers from MBN Tech is easy and comfortable. I felt like everyone was doing their job and focused on the growth and well-being of the project. We formed a team of professionals, and I was able to focus on my job while knowing that the programming department had the proper means for tackling the incoming challenges on the tech side.”

Tudor Stomff

CEO of Hyve

“Some of the best programmers I've worked with are from MBN Tech, trained by MBN Academy. Together with them I was able to create Deficliq's staking platforms and smart contracts. In the process, they had control over a 1M$ staking pool. They always acted as professionals and with integrity.”

Shantanu Sharma

CEO of DefiCliq

Already have the dream team
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MBN-Tech Training Program can be accessed by companies that are looking to train their web2 or web3 developers to be able to create and write code for professional high-end blockchain platforms in no more than 10 weeks.


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